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Matthew has been such a blessing for my daughter, Mia, and I. He prepared Mia vocally for the World Wide Star Search showcase in Los Angeles last summer. He gave her voice lessons and created the instrumental track for her to sing with at the competition. In addition, he even came to the showcase to support her. Her performance was stellar and she ended up placing 2nd overall, out of 70+ adults and youth! She was asked to sing last-minute at the awards banquet, so Matthew worked with her to prepare a song and accompanied her on the piano. Thank you so much, Matthew! We could not have done it without you!
— Tia V.
To Whom It May Concern, My name is Marlene Dunstan. I am a business professional with over 15 years management experience in business fields. I also was an actress, model and dancer before I embarked on my professional career. I am since retired and manage both of my daughter’s who have been involved in entertainment their entire lives. I have known and worked with Matthew over the past year. I met him through my daughter, Audrey Gelb’s, previous label Wanda Music Entertainment Group, and they have been collaborating ever since. On a professional level, I know Matthew to be a highly driven, self-motivated professional. He is very hardworking and usually works full time, while pursuing the music business with the rest of his time. He is open minded and embraces feedback, while at the same time comes up with suggestions and offers feedback too. He is also organized, efficient, dependable, responsible, multi tasks very well and is task oriented. He works independently, but is also a team player. He has excellent communication skills and interacts with everyone with respect. I have enjoyed working with Matthew very much and he is truly a model client and employee to anyone who has worked with him professionally. On a personal level, I will say that Matthew has equally impressive attributes. He has the best attitude, positive mindset, very energetic, humble, supportive, willing to take risks when necessary, talented, and eager to continue learning to become his best self as a person and as a performer. I would highly recommend Matthew to any prospective employer and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him myself. He is the type of model professional that businesses seek and the kind of person people love to work with too.
— Marlene D.
Hello, I will first give you a brief history of myself. I was in the Prince camp for about 10yrs. I performed back vocals for George Clintonand Malia Franklin. I was around the members of the New Power Generation, and The Time. I have spent many years in the music industry. I have experience setting up and conducting rehearsals. I do not sing anymore due to illness, but I am asked quite often to find great musicians, and refer them to other musicians on a label, or to create a band to put with an artist. Matthew was an artist that I found and auditioned, and put with a band that I was managing for someone else. I had a great rapport with Matthew, and a wonderful experience with him. He is a consummate professional, very hands on, has great artistic input, is easy to get along with, has a wonderful personality, etc. What I admired most about Matthew is he has a great head on his shoulders, a very no ego kind of young man, who is funny, takes direction great, etc. I truly cannot say enough good things about him, I grew to admire him for his age, and being so well rounded. He is everything I would always want in an artist and musician. He also plays keyboards very incredibly well. I absolutely love Matthews voice, he has really good tone, control, and range. And was always willing to look for more ways to make his vocals better. Matthew would be a great addition to any artistic project. You really would have a special young man. I would love to work with him at any time in the future.
— Marybeth L.
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